New Casino Games

Gambling and casino-related websites are in constant growth by offering new casino games all the time; plus, it seems that the current state of the world is making this growth even more pronounced. There is no doubt that it is an incredibly popular business, and today practically everyone has heard of it. Also, every day new people are introduced to the world of casino games online. A priori it seems easy to start playing, but if you want to do it efficiently and not lose money in the process, we recommend you to look at a series of fundamental factors before starting, so you can choose your favourite game.

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What does it make a new casino game popular?

Although the years go by and new games or variants of existing ones appear, it is the classics that have the largest player base. Classic games like poker, online roulette, blackjack and even slot machines with all their variations are the main choices that people make when deciding what to play when visiting online casinos. However, we must take into account the type of player we are talking about. The most experienced players do tend to select these classic games that we have mentioned before, while the newer players prefer to opt for the mobile casino games that look the most striking, most attractive, regardless of whether they are popular or not, since they are not clear about with which they are going to end up picking, and they prefer to try everything a little before deciding.

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New casino games – How to choose

When deciding what to play, you have to look at a number of factors before making a choice and avoid falling for the common mistake of “doing what everyone else is doing”. On many sites (such as and you can read useful information about several aspects of online gambling strategies, promotions and free casino games; however, the idea is that you learn how to choose the casino that best suits you, based on your needs and not by imitating what others do simply because they say so. In the first place, the casino that you choose will limit the possibilities of games, since in not all casinos you can find all the latest titles. Another important factor is the type of welcome bonuses or promotions that the casino offers, something essential if you want to win money in these places and cut down your losses.

The choice of casino developer is important. Some studios have set themselves apart from the crowd due to their excellent work and produce quality games. The market is relatively saturated and new developers have a particularly difficult time entering the industry. One of the largest studios is certainly Microgaming, which has been providing online casino like video poker since 1994. In addition to a variety of online slots, it also produces large games such as baccarat and supplies the best casino platforms. Cash games, sit and go and exciting online poker tournaments are offered there. Another software giant is the Scandinavian studio NetEnt, which is best known for its extraordinary graphics. Most of the games are designed with 3D effects, which was especially popular in the 2000s. Many developers now offer similar designs, but NetEnt’s reputation has remained. Other well-known providers are Bally Wulff, Novomatic, Playtech, Betsoft and many more. The right choice of provider is particularly important for players, so we recommend visiting and for more information in this regard.

Casino games new launches

These are some of the new titles you can find under the Blackjack category:

Phoenix Blackjack

It is an online blackjack game signed by the provider Roxor Gaming. It has an RTP of 97.90%. It has been online since August 2021 and has a progressive jackpot. It is characterized by the possibility of a secondary bet on cards of the Phoenix suit, which replaces hearts.

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

Developed by Playtech in collaboration with GVC, it has been available in online casinos since the end of July 2021. Its main innovation is that, given the number of players at the table, they can decide certain dynamics. Get more information about this and other titles at

If you are looking for new slots, this might interest you

Rage of the Seas

It counts among the newest slot machines from NetEnt. In fact, it was released in late August. It has a 5×4 grid and an RTP of 96.04%. The theme is pirates and adventures, it contains free spins and many possibilities.

Hotline 2

Designed by NetEnt and released in August 2021, it has 243 pay lines and an RTP of 96.05%. It is the modern and more entertaining version of Hotline, this provider’s best seller.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in classic casino games like roulette you definitely should give these games a try:

Sapphire Roulette

One of the most dynamic and easy to understand roulette games from Microgaming. It is distinguished by the presentation of the board in blue. RTP of 97.03%

Cashout Roulette

It is a classic online roulette game. It has been on the market since the beginning of the year and signed by Microgaming, with an 97.3% RTP

Finally, live casino is an option that’s gaining track in the top casino providers given its life-like experience

Mega Sic Bo

It stands out as one of the most renowned releases of the year. Fans of live casino games were looking forward to it. It is the traditional Sic Bo game in live mode, provided by Pragmatic Play. RTP 95.47%.

Crazy time

Follow the line of the famous Dream Catcher, like a live roulette game with bonuses and surprise prizes. It is in charge of Evolution Gaming, RTP 95.5%.

Bottom Line

If you read the entire article, you will have realized that the possibilities are endless. There is an immense variety of different games and it is not so easy to choose one. If your purpose is to turn your hobby into a job, classic games like poker or roulette are the ones that offer the most possibilities (bonuses, promotions, etc.); you should also consider learning the best strategies, and can help you with that. However, if what you want is to have fun (and to generate some income along the way), the ideal thing would be that you opt for what entertains you the most since if you play something out of “duty” it is very likely that you will stop doing it in a relatively short period. A good idea is to take advantage of the no deposit promotions and try alternative games like online bingo or online craps.

Once you take the time to inform yourself and know how to choose a casino based on factors such as the best promotions and offers, or the variety of games, you can start spending time playing, which is actually what you are looking for ( and have top-notch articles on the subject of casinos). Therefore, do not rush, take time to learn, to read what the experts say and in a short period of time you will be fully prepared to make the leap to online casinos. Likewise, in a suitable way, you will be able to take advantage of the best offers, play the games that best suit your needs and, above all, enjoy yourself, which after all is the objective of all these new casino games.

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